FSSS Memorial Endowments

FSSS welcomes contributions that establish endowments. Our current memorial endowments support a variety of awards. Your tax-deductible, charitable donations (in any amount) to FSSS can be made to the specific endowment funds or as unrestricted gifts. Please consider one of the following programs.

The FSSS Living Memory Tree is a means of honoring those who have contributed to our lives in special ways. Persons honored (or a designated representative) receive a certificate containing your statement, and this statement also appears in the Living Memory Tree Leaflet, an ongoing commemorative publication. Add your “leaves” to the tree now for display on the Living Memory Tree next year at the SSSS Annual Meeting and for publication in the next edition of the Leaflet. A minimum contribution of $25 covers the cost of the certificate and the inclusion of each leaf in the Leaflet. Your contribution will also continue the tradition of supporting the work of our field through research grants, student awards, and other activities.

The FSSS Memorial Program provides a mechanism for honoring the memory of a loved one or a deceased colleague. It can also be used to recognize a living person on a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any other special occasion. When you make a donation, the person you designate receives a memorial card indicating that a contribution has been made to FSSS in honor of the identified person and, as appropriate, the occasion. To make a contribution or to obtain more information, contact the FSSS office at the address below. A minimum contribution of $10 is requested. The donated funds are deposited in the general endowment unless otherwise designated.

FSSS’s core endowment fund supports a variety of activities, including:

  • developing research proposals;
  • conducting research programs;
  • dissemination of research findings;
  • specialized research training;
  • research seminars, colloquia, and conferences;
  • scholarships; and
  • awards for research excellence.

Donations in forms such as royalty assignment, deferred gifts and gifts of bequests in wills or insurance may also be arranged. Unrestricted funds help support the continuing development of FSSS and funding of priority projects. Corporate, as well as individual sponsors are welcome. Restricted funds may be donated to the various Award and Project funds linked below.

Our contributor categories (in US dollars) are:

  • President’s Circle (Over $2,500)
  • Directors’ Guild ($1,000-$2,499)
  • Century Club ($250-$999)
  • Family of Supporters ($1-$249)

Send your donation to:

Jean Levitan, Ph.D., Treasurer
18 South Dacotah Avenue
Rockaway, NJ 07866

FSSS  Sexual Science and Public Policy

Since 1989, the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality has contributed more than $15,000 to SSSS to support major plenary addresses at the Annual Meeting. Each year, the FSSS Fund for Sexual Science and Public Policy underwrites the cost of a plenary by providing travel funds and an honorarium so that a distinguished scholar can be chosen to make these outstanding contributions at the Annual Meeting.

In 1988 Naomi Winer made a donation of $10,000 to establish the Winer Fund, honoring her husband Julius, a pioneering member of SSSS. For many years, Dr. Julius H. Winer, a urologist, was a leader of the Western Region of SSSS, serving as president of the region and in many other capacities. Legend has it that the reason most board meetings of the Western Region were held at the Winer’s home in Beverly Hills was because the Board members knew that following the meeting Naomi would provide a gourmet meal, clearly a major fringe benefit of serving the Society. Following Jay’s death, Naomi remained involved with SSSS through her support of the specialized endowment honoring her husband. Following her death, the fund was renamed to recognize her important contributions to this legacy as well.

SSSS members may contribute to this dedicated endowment fund devoted to sexual science and public policy by designating that their donation to FSSS be used for this purpose. As the fund grows, additional public policy initiatives will be supported by the fund. For more information, contact FSSS president Clive Davis, Ph.D.,  317 Scott Avenue Syracuse, NY 13224, or

In 2006, this plenary was presented by Diane di Mauro, Ph.D., Mailman School of Public Health, on Global Transformations in the 21st Century: Social Science Research on Sexuality and the Emergence of Sexual Health and Sexual Rights Frameworks.

The American Association for Sex Education, Counseling, and Therapy Professional Standard of Excellence Award

Since 2002, FSSS has supported this annual award to an AASECT member who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of sex education, counseling, and/or therapy.

The Bonnie and Vern L. Bullough Book Award

The Bonnie and Vern L. Bullough Award is given annually by the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality for the most distinguished book written for the professional sexological community published during the previous year. The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize outstanding scholarship in the field of sexology. A prize of $500 and a plaque are given to the recipient. Authors of books not chosen but deemed highly meritorious may be recognized with “certificates of honor” as well.

How the Bonnie and Vern L. Bullough Award Came to Be

The Bullough Award came about as a result of a generous contribution to the Foundation by the late Vern Bullough in 2003. His intent was to establish an endowment fund in honor of Bonnie Bullough. The Directors of the Foundation, in consultation with Vern Bullough, identified an annual book award as an appropriate initial undertaking for the endowment. The Directors chose to name the award in honor of both Bonnie Bullough and the pioneering contributions to the field of sexology of Bonnie and Vern Bullough together.

Normally, the Award winner will be announced in early fall, and the prize will be given, whenever, possible, at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) in November.

Terms and Criteria

The prize shall be awarded annually to the author(s) of the most distinguished contribution to the sexological literature published during the preceding year. There are no limitations as to the type of book considered except that it is an original work (that is, not a new edition of a previous work, or an anthology or collection of texts from multiple authors) and that its primary audience is professionals working in the field of sexology.

“Distinguished” is defined as: marked by eminence and distinction: noted for significant achievement

  • marked by excellence in quality
  • marked by conspicuous excellence or eminence
  • individually distinct

“Published during the preceding year” means that the book has a publication date in that year, was available for purchase in that year, and has a copyright date no later than that year. A book might have a copyright date prior to the year under consideration but, for various reasons, was not published until the year under consideration. If a book is published prior to its year of copyright as stated in the book, it shall be considered in its year of copyright as stated in the book. The intent of the definition is that every book be eligible for consideration, but that no book is considered in more than one year.

Nomination Process for the Award

To submit works for consideration for the Bonnie and Vern L. Bullough Award, the author(s) or their publisher, or any individual acting with the author’s consent, must submit one copy of the work, accompanied by a cover letter indicating that the book is being submitted for consideration for the award. An administrative nonrefundable fee of $20 must be submitted for each book nominated, check payable to the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

The book, cover letter, and fee should be sent to:

Bullough Award Committee, FSSS
c/o Herbert P. Samuels, Ph.D., Chair
LaGuardia Community College/CUNY
31-10 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City, New York 11101

The deadline for submitting nominations for books is August 1, and announcement/presentation of the award will be made at the annual conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, November.

Once a book has been received, the Awards Committee will conduct a preliminary review. If a book is deemed eligible for the Award, the publisher will be contacted and invited to submit 3-5 additional copies for review by a panel of experts. Copies of all books nominated shall become property of the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and will not be returned to the author or publisher.

The recommendations of the panel of experts shall be submitted to the Awards Committee. The committee will recommend the winner and any other candidates deserving of merit to the Board of Directors of the Foundation. The decision of the Board shall be final.

For questions about the Bullough Award and the review process, contact Herbert P. Samuels, Ph.D., at, or at the address above.

Established in 1985 by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality is a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to supporting scientific research and related activities in the field of sexual science. For further information about SSSS and FSSS, access or contact Clive Davis, Ph.D., President FSSS

The Ira and Harriet Reiss Theory Award

The purpose of the Ira and Harriet Reiss Theory Award is to highlight and support theoretical advances in social science theories concerning human sexuality. The award was founded in 2005 and the first presentation of a winning publication was in 2006. The award is given annually to the author(s) of the best social science article, chapter, or book published in which theoretical explanations of human sexual attitudes and behaviors are developed.  In addition to careful theoretical development, stress is placed on the use of relevant empirical evidence to examine the validity of the theoretical explanations.  Multidisciplinary theories can be submitted but they must have a “significant part” that is social science theory.

This award is jointly sponsored by the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (FSSS)  and by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS).   The winner (s) will receive a plaque and $500.  After being notified, the author will be expected to present a plenary address, based on the winning Anthony Bogaert publication, at the next year’s annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.  Nominations may be submitted to the Award Committee following instructions below.

Nominations must be received by May 15th 2018.  The award winner (s) will be notified by October 15, 2018 and will be expected to present a Plenary Address at the 2019 SSSS meeting.

For more information contact the committee chair: Amanda Gesselman, :

Instructions For Submitting Nominations For
The 2017  Ira And Harriet Reiss Theory Award

1.  Send an electronic copy of an article or chapter and four copies of a book.  Be sure the full publication information is included.  The publication must have appeared in 2017. The full nomination material must be received before May 15th 2018.

2.  Include a letter with a paragraph or two explaining why this publication should be considered for this award. Indicate specifically how this publication is relevant for the award addressing the following award criteria: a) That it develops a social science theory or, in the case of a multidisciplinary theory, that social science is a significant part of the total theory
b) That it build a theoretical explanation of human sexual attitudes and behavior c) That the explanation be examined in light of relevant empirical evidence.

We prefer electronic submissions of both the article or chapter and letter of nomination. Send electronic submissions to:Amanda Gesselman: :

If you are sending your submission in hard copy, mail 4 copies of the book, article or chapter, plus 1 copy of your letter.  For a book send a check for $25 to cover mailing to committee members. This should be made out to FSSS and included with the copies of the book and nomination letter.  Mail to:

Amanda Gesselman, Ph.D.
Chairperson of the Ira and Harriet Reiss Theory Award
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
881 Third Street, Ste B-5, Whitehall, PA 18052

FSSS Special Priority Projects

FSSS awards small grants to support research, primarily in areas not likely to be supported by other funding sources and/or to support pilot projects that could lead to future funding. Also, the FSSS HIV/AIDS Endowment supports grants specifically related to HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and associated issues, and, through FSSS, the Sinclair Intimacy Institute funds an annual grant for research concerning the use of sexually explicit videos in teaching, research, counseling, or therapy.

The FSSS Board of Directors welcomes contributions and recommendations for special priority projects.

In 1989, FSSS funded the publication of The Society For The Scientific Study of Sex: A Brief History, by Vern L. Bullough.

In 2007, FSSS funded the publication of a series of brochures on What Sexual Scientists Know About …..