History of FSSS

Human suffering resulting from sexual ignorance is well documented. Such human suffering can be reduced by accurate and up-to-date scientific knowledge. Unfortunately, funding for sexual science has, historically, been inadequate and subject to changing political and social conditions. FSSS was created in 1985 to provide for more dependable and adequate funding of scholarly work, guided by the canons of science rather than by tradition, politics, or contemporary social attitudes.

The FSSS Founding Donors made initial contributions that allowed for the establishment of the Foundation and the awards. Once established, FSSS began to obtain donations and raise funds from other sources. Initially FSSS did most of its fund-raising through events held at the SSSS Annual Meeting and regional SSSS conferences. In the past ten years, FSSS has also held events at AASECT and at other professionally-related meetings. We continue  to expand our base of contributors and build awareness of our mission. If you would like us to consider holding an event at your meeting, please contact our President.

FSSS Founding Donors:

Elizabeth Rice Allgeier
Edward L. Anderson
Rebecca Black
Rupert R. Brook
F. Robert Brush
Vern L. & Bonnie Bullough
Harvey Cantor
Eli Coleman
Richard J. Cross
J. Kenneth Davidson
Clive M. & Sandra L. Davis
Veronica D. & James E. Elias
Robert Embree
Frank Farley
Charles L. Ihlenfeld
Floyd M. Martinson
David P. McWhirter & Andrew M. Mattison
Ronald Moglia & Ann Welbourne-Moglia
Donald L. Mosher & Susan B. Bond
Howard J. & Barbara W. Ruppel
Jack Spund
Deborah Weinstein